VIDEO | Chaos in Shanghai: Due to a six-year-old child positive for covid, shoppers remained closed in "Ikea"

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Chaos broke out at an IKEA store in Shanghai after shoppers started running away from police who tried to quarantine them. The police tried to close the shop after receiving information that a six-year-old child was infected with covid.

The videos show how the security at one point tries to close the door, but the crowd on the other side forcefully opens it and runs away.

Those who were in Ikea and the surrounding areas had to be isolated for two days, after which they will be monitored for five days, said the deputy director of the Shanghai Health Commission, Zhao Dandan.

Shanghai recently returned to "normal" after the hard locks because of the pandemic, because like the whole of China, this city is being led towards a "zero-covid" policy.

Shanghai released the citizens after a hellish lockdown


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