VIDEO: Greece covered in snow, Cyclone Barbara paralyzes parts of the country, where a state of emergency has been declared

Storm in Greece / Photo: EPA

The cold snow cyclone "Barbara" hit Greece. Heavy snowfall is causing problems in land and sea traffic, and a state of emergency has been declared in certain parts of the country, Greek media reports.

Shipping lines have been canceled, and traffic in the suburbs of Athens is prohibited today at noon.

In the meantime, the Civil Protection, fire brigade, police, regional and city authorities are meeting again, writes Eleftherotipia.

In Attica, the traffic police said that drivers on the entire road network of Attica prefecture must wear snow chains or other non-slip equipment. The movement of heavy goods vehicles over 3,5 tons is prohibited on several highways. The authorities also banned such trucks from sections of the Athens-Thessalonica national road.

A very strong wind is blowing which makes it difficult to clear the highway approaches to Athens.

Schools will remain closed tomorrow as snow and blizzards are still uncommon in Greece, something the Mediterranean is still getting used to.

In the northern parts of Athens, all shops will be closed tomorrow, the courier service will not work.

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