VIDEO | Gosevski: There is a decline in all stock exchanges, the whole cryptocurrency almost went into irreversibility

Dusko Gosevski / Photo: Free Press

Last week and this weekend, cryptocurrencies crashed, and some practically reached a price that is zero, and in such circumstances, a European cryptocurrency conference was held in Belgrade.

- A historic week in the crypto world took place in Belgrade. It was interesting how the crypto world gathered at the conference would react, in the midst of the biggest price correction and downward trend. Belgrade was the largest European crypto conference to date, with over 100 panelists, prominent figures from the crypto world. There were 2.000 visitors on the first day, Dusko Gosevski, a lawyer and cryptocurrency expert, told a morning briefing.

He clarified that after the short decline, the crypto market stabilized.

-Everything is stabilizing, but the whole crypto-financial structure almost went into irreversibility. That only opened the issue of regulation of the crypto market, said Gosevski.

He also referred to the predictions and whether the crypto world will stabilize.

- There is already some stabilization. During these developments, bitcoin fell to $ 27.000, and today is already over $ 30.000. Everything is based on trust. At the small door he endured, he gained the trust of the whole community. I think more than 50 percent of people who own cryptocurrencies bought them last year. It is a community that is expanding. There are data that already 14-15 percent of Americans have some kind of digital currency. That community somehow managed to keep up this time. Why the steep decline was only in a few hours - the capitalization of 800 billion has somehow disappeared, explains Gosevski.

Watch the whole conversation in the video:

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