VIDEO: Big fires in Australia, houses are also burning

Photo: Profimedia

Wildfires raging in the Australian state of Victoria have engulfed homes for several days, authorities said today, warning that "extreme" heat forecast for the second part of the week could fuel the blazes further.

The Prime Minister of Victoria Jacinta Allan confirmed that six homes were destroyed, adding that it was very difficult news for the families.

In addition to property damage, livestock also suffered, and more than 2.000 people were forced to leave towns in the west and head for the city of Ballarat, 95 kilometers west of the Victorian capital, Melbourne.

Australia is struggling with the El Niño weather phenomenon, which is usually associated with extreme events such as fires, cyclones and droughts.

More than 15 bushfires are burning in Victoria today. The most serious fire, ranked as the second most dangerous, is burning near several remote towns, the state emergency management agency said.

Allan said there were "concerns about the weather this week, particularly from Wednesday to Thursday".

"What we already know is that the indicators are in the extreme range, she said and added that the competent services will meet today to plan the activities for the next week.

Australia's last two bushfire seasons pale in comparison to the "Black Summer" of 2019-2020, when wildfires ravaged mainland Turkey, killing 33 people and three billion animals, Hina reports.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese today vowed to provide all the support necessary to help the state of Victoria after days of bushfires destroyed homes, and after authorities warned extreme heat could fuel the fires this week.

"We will provide whatever support Victoria asks for," Albanese told reporters in the Victorian city of Frankston.

"It is a reminder of the need for vigilance and continuous action against the threat of climate change," he emphasized.

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