VIDEO | Kindergarten director stuffed 25 children in Spark: This is how I work, this is my way, she told the policeman

25 children stuffed into Chevrolet Spark/Photo: Screenshot/H

A shocking video appeared from the Uzbek city of Bukhara, showing how 25 kindergarten children were literally "packed" into a small Chevrolet Spark vehicle, and behind the wheel was the director of the kindergarten who wanted to take the children for a walk.

- Did you want to walk them all? Did it not occur to her that she was putting them in great danger? Who knows! As a kindergarten principal who had full responsibility for their safety and, subsequently, as someone who deals with young children on a daily basis, she should have known. In her case, however, one thing is certain: that the so-called female instinct did not work, commented people on social networks, shocked by this unusual and terrible feat of the head of the kindergarten.

When a policeman saw the car full of children on the street in Bukhara, he immediately stopped it - as he should - for inspection. As reported by the German newspaper "Bild", the policeman could not believe what he was seeing.

Opening the car doors, he saw six children in the passenger seat, 16 in the back seats, one on top of the other, and the remaining three were in the trunk.

It is not yet clear what consequences the kindergarten director will face, but when the policeman asked her why she was transporting so many children in a small car, her answer was astonishing: "That's how I work. This is my way!".

The German edition has no information about the parents' reaction when they found out what this kindergarten director did to their children.

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