VIDEO | They forgot all the bad things for a moment: Prince William put a smile back on George's face

Photo: Printskrin / Twitter / TNT sport

Once Kate Middleton she had an operation, then it became known that she was diagnosed with cancer, we were not able to see her children in public. Kate and Prince William decided to "save" their three children from the curious public, being careful how they would communicate their mother's diagnosis. All this is definitely difficult for children, so it is not surprising that Prince William decided to take his eldest son George to the game of his favorite club Aston Villa.

The match of the favorite Aston Villa had the best possible timing for the members of the British royal family, specifically for the father and son, lovers of football.
Prince William took his eldest son, Prince George, to spend quality time with him, but also so that both of them could at least for a moment forget about all the problems.

Otherwise, their arrival at the football game might not have attracted so much attention, but the fact is that it is their first outing together since Kate Middleton was diagnosed with cancer, which is why everyone is going through difficult times. The photographers "caught" them cheering in the stands, but the enthusiasm and joy that we are used to with Prince George at the matches was not visible.

It is noticeable how much the boy is bothered by his mother's illness, and it is also visible in the photos. He only rejoiced for a moment when Ollie Watkins scored the first goal of the evening.

And while 41-year-old Prince William wore a shirt over a vest, Prince George had Aston Villa's signature scarf around his neck.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been touched by the kind messages from the public following the diagnosis

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