VIDEO | Georgievski landed in Skopje: The silver medal is a success for the entire Macedonian people

Macedonian taekwondo fighter to attack gold in Paris / Photo: EPA-EFE / RITCHIE B. TONGO

Dejan Georgievski landed at the Skopje airport at 14.30 pm, the Macedonian Olympian who won a silver medal at the Tokyo Games.

The Macedonian taekwondo fighter who made our country the biggest success at one of the Summer Olympic Games was welcomed by a large number of fans.

And as it has already been announced, a reception of our sports hero together with his coaches was organized on Macedonia Square at 19.30 pm.

- Many thanks to everyone who came here for their support. We invite you all tonight to celebrate this success, because this success is not only for me, but for the entire Macedonian people - said Georgievski after arriving at Skopje airport.
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