VIDEO | Cuddly: Paquito the cat loves to cuddle with his owner

Paquito the cat
Paquito the cat / Photo: Instagram/Paquito the cat

As pets, cats don't like to be petted too much and prefer to have their own space where no one will bother them. Of course, until they themselves want to pamper the owners.

But Paquito the cat is proof that cats can be taught to pet and kiss.

His owner published a video in which she explains how she petted the cat since he was a small kitten and kissed him on the head every day.

"Now he asks for kisses every night before bed," says his owner.

The video already has more than 800.000 views, and a number of TikTok users have shared their experiences in the comments below the post.

"I didn't kiss my cat when I was little and now she runs away from me all the time", "My cat loves to cuddle and I wouldn't change it for anything", "I tried but it didn't work. "My cat loves to cuddle, but hates kisses," read some of the comments.

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