VIDEO: Soccer is a cruel game, Japan attacked, eventually lost to Costa Rica

Costa Rica returns to the round of 2022 at the XNUMX WC/photo: EPA-EFE/Ali Haider

In football, the better, more quality team does not always win, and the latest proof of that is the match from World Cup in Qatar among the national teams of Костарика и Japan.

The Japanese gained confidence after the sensational victory over Germany, and Costa Rica was outclassed 7:0 by Spain.

The Asian representative had the ball at his feet much more today, with more initiative, and more opportunities for realization, and Costa Rica calmly and patiently waited for its chance and welcomed it with a golden winning goal on Fuller from the only shot within the opponent's goal.

In the 81st minute, the players of Japan did not react well, Tejeda assisted Fuller who managed to beat Gonda with his left foot.

This victory of Costa Rica is also good news for Germany which from 20.00:XNUMX in the derby of the day will compete against Spain.

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