VIDEO | Companies from Slovenia came to Macedonia: "Hunting" for workers with easier conditions for a work visa

"Live and work in Slovenia" Photo: Metodi Zdraev

Do not start work without a temporary residence permit, warns the Employment Office of Slovenia, where they explained the procedure for obtaining that permit

When we arrived at the Hilton hotel in Skopje, we encountered a hundred of our compatriots who were arranging work with Slovenian employers. The event "Live and work in Slovenia" was organized by the Embassy of Slovenia in our country, as well as their Employment Office, and doctors of various specialties, nurses, carers, drivers and construction workers were mostly wanted.

The employers we spoke with say they are satisfied with the interest, and our fellow citizens hoped to provide themselves with better living conditions.

Photo: Metodi Zdravev

The representatives of the Jesenice General Hospital say that a dozen quality people who showed interest in work stopped at their stand for two hours. From there they say they have a 15 percent shortage of nurses.

The hospital in Maribor lacks family doctors, gynecologists, sports doctors...

– We came to persuade your fellow citizens, to tell them what we expect and what we offer. At the beginning we offer a paid apartment, we understand that it is difficult at the beginning. It is important for us that they are not only good doctors, but also good people. In Slovenia, the starting salary of a trainee is 1.300 euros, at the end of the specialization it is higher, and when the doctor specializes, he can expect 2.300 euros - said Dr. Helena Blajun Washner.

Slovenian Ambassador Gregor Presker said that he was happy to see that there was a great interest in this event and that this is the second such event that is organized in our country.

- We organized it precisely because of the great interest shown by Macedonian citizens. We act institutionally to provide the best and verified information to anyone who is interested. Serious companies from Slovenia are present, which will provide accurate information about employment. We are looking for good and qualified staff and we are sure that Macedonia has them - said the ambassador.

The Slovenian Employment Service made an extensive presentation on how to get a job in Slovenia. From there, they indicated that this year they gave 3.800 annual work permits to Macedonian citizens and that this number is increasing year by year.

- For certain professions, we no longer have that many workers for employment. That's why we decided to present ourselves in all the countries in the region. In June, we signed an agreement with the Employment Office of North Macedonia - said Anka Rode from the Employment Office.

She emphasized that one must not start working in Slovenia without a temporary residence card, which also states the company in which one will work. The temporary stay can be regulated in the competent administrative units in Slovenia or through the local embassy.

- Most employers have a personnel service that will sort out your documents. There are 58 administrative units in Slovenia and I advise you that when you state your place of residence, it should be a smaller place and you should submit your request there. Thus, your documents will be processed faster. You can also work in Ljubljana, but specify a smaller place to stay. It is not a crime - advised Rode to those present at the presentation.

After obtaining a residence permit, the employee must report to work in Slovenia within 15 days.

Rode explained that the future workers there should also receive consent from the Employment Office of Slovenia, in which it is confirmed that one of their citizens is not waiting for such a job. However, as Rode says, even if a Slovenian citizen applies, it should not discourage the Macedonians. For professions in deficit in Slovenia, such as medicine, no such consent is required from the Institute.

Rode assures that it is easy for whole families to come and live in Slovenia.

- With the amendments to the Law on Foreigners, if the husband finds a job, the wife can come in one year instead of two years. But that doesn't have to wait either, family reunification can be done immediately if both of them simultaneously look for and find a job in Slovenia - says Rode and added that for doctors and some other professions, as well as for those who are highly paid, family reunification is done immediately.

Common retirement age

Everyone who will work in Slovenia has health insurance and their own personal doctor, or access to an outpatient clinic with an unspecified doctor, they explained at the presentation.
From there, they said that future workers in Slovenia should know that their pension experience from Macedonia will be combined with the one from Slovenia, as one common experience.

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