VIDEO: Fans worried, Aguero had heart problems on live stream

photo: printscreen/Youtube/20minutos

The famous Argentine soccer player Sergio Aguero ended his professional career in 2021, and is currently engaged as a commentator on several Argentinian televisions and a "streamer" on Twitch.

To recall, Aguero had to retire from football for health reasons, as he was diagnosed with arrhythmia.

Now his fans also had the opportunity to witness his health problems, and a scene that happened worried many.

While doing the new job, Aguero took a short break at one point and grabbed his chest nervously.

Fortunately, all is well with the former Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona player and he has resumed his social media activities.

- I think I had a small arrhythmia - Aguero said at the moment.

In the attached video, see the situation that worried his fans. One of the most famous Spanish streamers, Ibai Llanos asked Aguero if he needed medical attention, the Uruguayan replied that he did not.

Aguero has an implanted chip that notifies him of a problem on his mobile phone and immediately to his doctor if the attack is more severe. Aguero only said he had a mini-arrhythmia attack.

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