VIDEO: The autumn reconstructions "thinned out" the nerves of Skopje residents, Arsovska claims that all weather was good for work

The autumn reconstruction of Skopje's streets created chaos in the traffic/Photo: Sloboden Pechat

Traffic chaos, lines of vehicles, nervous drivers trying to get from the Airport to the city center and getting stuck on Kuzman Josifovski Pitu boulevard due to the construction works that are taking place on the stretch from the Transport Center to the intersection with Kocho Racin Boulevard. This is the daily picture in front of the National Bank after the reconstruction of this section of the boulevard started two months ago and according to the announcements, it will last until the beginning of next year, if the weather conditions allow the work to be completed by then.

The mayor Danela Arsovska claims that there is no right time to start work, because the citizens demanded that the boulevards be fixed, not to move along dug-up, unmarked and pothole-filled boulevards. According to her, it is a matter of serious reconstruction, during which the underground installations are also being worked on.

The citizens don't just want a quality boulevard, they also want a quality storm sewer where that boulevard will not be submerged every time it rains, they also want a quality water supply, they want to change those old pipes - said Arsovska.

And indeed, the citizens want to move on safe and orderly streets, but they do not want to stand in queues every day for half an hour due to the reconstructions that the City of Skopje started this fall, and all summer, when there is less traffic in Skopje due to the summer vacations. , not even a meter of asphalt was laid.

They don't even want to break the vehicles on the excavated boulevards that are currently being worked on, to break through the mechanization hired for the reconstructions. If three important streets in the central city area have to be reconstructed at the same time, then at least it was possible to make an appropriate diversion of the traffic, not to drive over the boulevard where work is currently being done and to think of a way so that it is not half of the city " stuck' when people go to and from work.

Apart from the Kuzman Josfovski Pitu boulevard, work is currently also being done on a part of Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov, but also on Dame Gruev street, behind Sobranie, where since yesterday traffic is only on the left lane.

The people of Skopje have nothing left but to "arm" themselves with patience and, if they can, avoid the movement of cars through the city center as much as possible and look for alternative streets themselves so as not to pass along the Kuzman Josfovski Pitu boulevard. Because as things stand, the traffic meltdown will last at least two more months.

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