VIDEO | Emotional reaction of a blind and deaf dog when its owner returns home

Photo: Screenshot, Tick-tock

Jasper is a blind and deaf dog who, despite his handicap, has not lost his curious sensibility.

Jasper's owner shared a video showing the dog's emotional reaction when he realizes his owner has returned home.

As can be seen in the video, Jasper wakes up and, thanks to his keen sense of smell, notices that there is something new in the home. He smells things around the room, knows something is different but isn't sure what.

After coming across a pile of laundry in an unexpected place, the dog starts wagging his tail and realizes that his favorite person is home. The owner starts whistling in an attempt to get his attention, but Jasper's ears can't seem to pick up the sound. Instead, his owner decides to approach him, whereupon he hugs him.

@blackwings_wolf Came home from work and Jasper was still asleep so I decided to test to see how his senses were. The answer is not great. Please excuse the state of the floor – laminate is expensive and isn't the top of our priority list 😂. I also need to fix the kitchen drawer that's hanging off 😭. #fyp シ #fy #FYP #dogsoftiktok #blinddog #blinddogsoftiktok #dogs #olddogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – H.

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