VIDEO | A team from GOB 8 September went by helicopter to Hungary to bring a patient who suffered a stroke

A transport team from GOB 8 Septemvri, consisting of an anesthesiologist and a nurse, left this morning with the Ministry of Interior helicopter for Hungary, from where they will transport a patient who is a Macedonian citizen and who suffered a stroke abroad where he worked as a driver. The patient is about 50 years old, and after the brain hemorrhage he is dependent on oxygen.

PHOTO Free Press Miroslava Simonovska

The director of GOB 8 Septemvri doctor Hristijan Kostov told Sloboden Pechat that they received an order from the Minister of Health to form a team to transport the patient safely back to Macedonia at the request of the family.

Photo: Free Press Miroslava Simonovska

The medicopter has built-in state-of-the-art medical equipment for intensive care of patients for emergency medical transport. The patient is expected to be transported from Hungary to Macedonia to the Mother Teresa Clinical Center around 13:XNUMX p.m.

Photo: Free Press Miroslava Simonovska

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