VIDEO: The EC deleted a tweet with a serious gaffe by President Von der Leyen

Photo: Twitter / print screen

Tonight, the European Commission deleted the post with the president's video statement Ursula von der Layen, in which she said that "100.000 Ukrainian officers" have died in the war in Ukraine so far, and this gaffe was also deleted from the written statement of the head of the EC.

She stated in the announcement that it is necessary for Russia to call on "international responsibility" for the events in Ukraine and to use the frozen Russian funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

In addition to that, Von der Leyen pointed out that since the beginning of the "special military operation" of Russia, "according to the estimates so far, over 100.000 Ukrainian officers and over 20.000 civilians have died."

After the tweet was deleted and replaced with a new one, in which the disputed part was "cut" from the footage, a comparison between the two videos appeared on Twitter:

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