VIDEO | A year after the "Oscars" incident, Will Smith announced the filming of the fourth part of "Bad Boys"

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The last ceremony of awarding the prestigious Oscars she was remembered, unfortunately, not for the films and masterful roles, but for the incident that happened when Will Smith slapped him Крис Рок because of the joke at his wife's expense Jada Pinkett Smith.

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After the incident, Smith took a hiatus from filmmaking, announcing to the public that he was no longer a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A year after the unfortunate event, the American actor published a video on Instagram in which he and his colleague Martin Lawrence announce the filming of the fourth part of the cult comedy "Bad Boys".


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The new movie was supposed to start filming, but everything was delayed due to the incident at last year's Oscars.

However, things have calmed down for now and Smith's allegations were confirmed by Sony Pictures, from where they announced that the new sequel is in pre-production. Smith and Lawrence agreed on the recording that the new sequel would be called "Bad Boys: For Life", but quickly realized that it was the name of the third sequel, so they said that instead of the word "for" the number four should be written in the title.

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This will be Smith's second major film after the Oscars incident and his ban from the Oscars for the next ten years. In the meantime, he filmed the historical drama Emancipation, in which he played an African-American slave on the run.

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