VIDEO | They waited a year for a reservation in the most sought-after restaurant: When they finally came for dinner, they experienced a scam

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Waiting lists for table reservations at high-end restaurants are getting longer and more frequent, as one TikTok user from New York can attest. But the fact that she waited a year to try the delicious food from the most sought-after restaurant is not the biggest problem in the whole story.

What is shocking about this young girl's experience is that it was a scam. Making a reservation for the most sought-after restaurant in Manhattan was difficult, because it doesn't exist.

The story of this tiktoker is actually quite sobering and speaks about how easily we can be deceived by the information we receive on the Internet, without any dose of doubt and verification.

The girl in the video explains how she managed to reserve a table for dinner at the restaurant in New York, which was impossible to get into earlier, because, according to the website, it was booked a year in advance, and it had a great rating and reviews.

But it was about a group of young men who jokingly named the house they live in as the restaurant "Merhan's Steak House", after their friend Merhan. Their friends left great recommendations for the restaurant online.

The joke went so far that they decided to make a restaurant for one night. About 900 New Yorkers signed up for the waiting list, and last week 140 of them received a call that they had a reserved table.

But the guests did not know that their meal would be served by young people in their twenties who have no experience in catering. They rented a space for the event and decorated it to make everything look real – there were pictures of President Kennedy eating on the wall, fake old menus, as well as a bust of the "famous Merhan".

"There was also a crazy four-course meal inspired by the life cycle of a cow... They also staged a fake engagement, there were 'fans' of Derrick, in front of a street with banners to create the illusion that celebrities were dining inside, and a 22-year-old sommelier fought with every bottle of wine to open," says the girl.

Most guests at some point realized something was wrong.

"Logically, some of them were angry that they were paying for something that was actually a scam. But most went there without any expectations, so they were happy to experience something different and fun," she adds.

Watch the video below:

@nytcooking New York's hottest club is… fake? #nycfood #nycrestaurants ♬ Remedy – Shaq Rayes

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