VIDEO: One dead and two injured in a knife and hammer attack in Paris

Knife and hammer attack in Paris, the attacker shouted Allah Akbar/Photo: Screenshot/H

One person was killed and two others were injured in central Paris on Saturday night in an attack carried out by an unknown man with a knife and a hammer. The attacker was arrested, while according to a police source, during his attacks, near the Eiffel Tower, he shouted "God is great" (Allah Akbar).

"One dead, one injured after gunman attacks pedestrians in central Paris," tweeted French Interior Minister Géral Darmanin, who was at the scene of the attack.

According to information, the deceased is a tourist with German and Filipino citizenship, who was fatally stabbed in the back and shoulder. The injured, an English tourist, was hit on the head with a hammer, while, according to police sources, he was carelessly walking with his wife and child, when the assailant approached him and attacked him from behind. Another person was injured, but his condition has not been determined.

The same sources say the attacker was born in France and has French citizenship, was listed in police files as supporting radical Islam and allegedly told police he could not accept "killing Arabs".

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