VIDEO | "Jen, I didn't drink anything, okay?": Ben excuses himself as Lopez glares at him

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

Latino wild Jennifer Lopez she was with her husband - the famous actor Ben Affleck at a celebration in Los Angeles for the premiere of her new film Shotgun Weeding. Some of the guests present managed to "catch" and record an interesting moment, a small argument between the famous couple.


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Posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

The video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, shows Ben gesturing to JLo with his hand, showing her he hasn't had anything to drink, while the singer gives him a stern look.

"Jen, I didn't drink anything, okay?" joked the TikToker who posted the video, which has more than 200.000 likes and thousands of comments.

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"I just know that Jennifer Garner is sleeping peacefully," "This marriage won't last more than 18 months," "Jen is definitely checking what's in his cup," "Trouble in Paradise," "Maybe Jen is drinking from his cup to check is there alcohol in the drink", "Ben looks really scared", were just some of the comments under the video.

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