VIDEO | Dramatic rescue in Austria: Neighbor jumps to rescue spouses brought by flood

Photo: Screenshot / Twitter

This weekend, the Austrian city of Halein was among the worst affected by the floods in this country.

At one point, the floodwaters swept through the streets of the city center, turning them into rivers of strong currents that carry everything in front of them.

A boy from this city recorded a video of two people fighting with strong currents and called his father for help. He noticed that it was the neighbors - a couple who run a restaurant in the area, Salih and Ayşe Karaarslan.

"Within 5 minutes the water reached a depth of half a meter and we could no longer hold on," said husband Salih Karaarslan.

The neighbor immediately jumped after them and managed to pull them both to a wall that was safe.

The rescuer managed with his courageous act to prevent the tragic outcome of this family drama in the floods in Austria.

See what it looked like:

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