VIDEO | "I found out what happened...": Neymar cheated on his pregnant girlfriend again

Photo: Instagram/Neymar/Bruno Biancardi

The model Bruna Biancardi spoke out after a video was released showing her fiance, the famous football player Neymar, cheats on her with two girlfriends while she is carrying their first child.

The LeoDias portal shared a video showing Neymar hanging out with girls in a nightclub. The video sparked an avalanche of comments on social media, with many sending messages of support to the pregnant Biancardi.

She took to Instagram after the news that she had been cheated on again.

"I found out what happened and I'm disappointed again. In the last stage of pregnancy, I am focused on my daughter and think only of her at this moment. I am grateful for your messages of support,” she wrote.

Photo: Instagram/Bruna Biancardi

Three months ago, Neymar admitted to cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, issuing a public apology to her.

Then the influencer Fernanda Campos revealed that she had an affair with the footballer and that they were intimate on Brazilian Valentine's Day – June 12.

Neymar's public apology read:

Bru, I'm doing this for both of you and your family.

To try to justify what cannot be justified. No need. But I need you in my life.

I saw how much I exposed you to the public, how much you suffered from all this and how much you wanted to be next to me. And I am with you.

I was wrong.

I did you wrong.

I dare say I make mistakes every day, on and off the field. But I resolve mistakes in my personal life at home, privately with my family and friends…

All this affected one of the most special people in my life. The woman I dreamed of being next to me, the mother of my child. It affected your family, which is my family today. It affected your intimacy in such a special moment as motherhood.

Bro, I have already asked you to forgive me for my mistakes, for the unnecessary exposure, but I feel obliged to do so publicly. If a private problem becomes public, the apology should be public.

I can't imagine without you.

I don't know if we will be able to stay together, but today I know that I want to try.

Our purpose will prevail, our love for something baby will win, our love for each other will make us stronger.

We, forever

I love you.

Photo: Instagram/Neymar

Then several foreign media reported that the couple had an open relationship and that Biancardi allowed Neymar to "flirt and have sex with other girls" but gave him a list of several conditions - to be discreet about his affairs, not to sleep with prostitutes and not to kiss them on the mouth.

PHOTO | Neymar and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi have announced that they are expecting their first child

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