VIDEO | Doncic finished the game early, Boston came one step away from the title


The Boston Celtics took a 3-0 lead in the final series and came one step away from a record 18th championship.

Boston won 106:99 and now has a chance to get the championship ring after a break of 16 years. Dallas opened the match well, leading by 13 after the first quarter, but Boston quickly reduced the deficit.

Starting from the third period, they dictated the pace, and at the beginning of the last period they reached the highest 21 point difference (91:70). In those moments, it looked like it was all over, but Dallas didn't give up.

A 22-2 run followed, with which Dallas cut it to 92-93, but with three minutes left. Luka Doncic He made his sixth personal foul and without him on the floor, the Mavs could not turn around.

Doncic finished the game with 27 points. Irving now he was a great support with 35 points, while at Boston Tatum preached 31, a Brown 30 points.

The fourth game, which could be the last if Boston wins, is played between Friday and Saturday night at 02:30 am.

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