VIDEO | Dokic: My father threw me out on the street, told me that I was a shame for him that I lost in the semifinals of "Wimbledon"


Jelena Dokić, a retired tennis player, born in 1983 in Osijek and former representative of the Fed Cup of Serbia and Australia, has been fighting depression for years, which she often writes about on social networks. She also uses Instagram for painful testimonies from her time as a professional tennis player.

The daughter of a Serbian father and a Croatian mother, in her career she played for the motherland and Australia, she was once a great tennis player who won six titles, and in 2002 she was the fourth tennis player in the world. The 40-year-old is better known for the traumas of life with her father Damir, who beat and abused her, which she wrote about in her autobiography.

As a guest in a podcast, Dokic told a heartbreaking story about what she experienced after losing in the semifinals of "Wimbledon" in 2000. She said her father Damir did not allow her to return to the hotel.

– When I started playing tennis and when I hit the first ball, my father beat me. I'm a semi-finalist at Wimbledon, I'm sitting in tears in the middle of the players' room, I'm talking on the phone with my father, who told me that I'm a shame for him and the family because I lost in the semi-finals at Wimbledon - said Dokić, who was 17 at the time years.

- He didn't let me go back to the hotel, but told me to do what I want, to sleep on the street, because I'm not coming back. I stayed in the Wimbledon premises, waited for everyone to leave, hid in a corner of the players' room to spend the night there. They found me in the middle of the night because the cleaners were cleaning the room late at night - are Dokić's words.

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