VIDEO | Disoska: Women run businesses more domestically and should have more access to funds

Valentina Disoska / Morning briefing

The National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship will organize the first international summit which will be attended by domestic and international guests from the world of women entrepreneurship who will speak on the topic "International experiences and success stories in support of women entrepreneurship".

"In the last year we have done enough to make demands to change the situation as it is now, and the foreign guests at the summit will share their international experiences. We also work hard to connect women businesses because we know that the chain of cooperation is very important for the growth and development of companies. We make this possible between the Association of Business Women, the Association of Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Farmers and the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, which we are partners in this platform. We are building that business community for mutual help that is proving to be very good and efficient. The requirements we have are for the institutions to create an enabling environment for business development. We made the strategy for women entrepreneurship, from it emerges the action plan which is closely related to the national platform. What we want to achieve is to put women entrepreneurship at a higher level in development opportunities. Because if we now look at how startups, innovation companies are covered - we are looking for the same to be translated into female entrepreneurship. This means that if I put a certain fund and budget that women entrepreneurs have at their disposal and give them the wind in their backs, I am sure we will have very good results because research has shown that women manage their finances and growth in companies much better if anyone wants. "and gave them an incentive in financial terms, because the most common problem for women businesses is access to finance," Valentina Disoska, president of the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship, told Utrinski briefing.

She said that out of the total number of entrepreneurs in Macedonia, about 35 percent are led by women, but the turnover of companies is about 10 percent, which means that these are micro and small businesses that need special attention by institutions. and that positive discrimination is needed when it comes to access to start-up funds.

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