VIDEO | Dermatologist reveals three best tips for dry skin care in winter: Make the cheapest moisturizer yourself

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American dermatologist Sheran Idris from New York and founder of a skin care company recently revealed three important tips that will help you nurture it dry skin this winter. Dr. Idris shared expert guidelines that will help you act preventively and properly care for dry skin in the cold months, writes The Daily Mail.


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"As a board-certified dermatologist, I'm telling you to stop washing your face twice a day with cleanser," she warns at the very beginning of her video.

"Save your cleanser for night and skip it in the morning, because if you do it both night and morning, you'll over-thin and 'peel' your skin, especially when the air is getting drier, and your skin will hate that." she adds.


Dr. Idris advises to always choose gentle cleansers with ingredients like glycerin or ceramides which help the skin to retain it the humidity.

"If your skin barrier is inflamed and you feel as if your face is tight and dry, avoid fragrances in products in this case," points out the dermatologist.

Doctor Iris additionally advises you to make your own special type of moisturizer t. n. mist with glycerin for your skin.

"It's very easy, get 100 percent pure glycerin at your local drug store and mix it with water at a ratio of one to four," she advises, warning that you must dilute it.

She stresses that you have to dilute it because you shouldn't use pure glycerin on your face.

The mixture put it in spray bottle and spray your face when you want to hydrate and refresh it.

Glycerin is a "natural compound" derived from vegetable oil and animal fats, according to "Healthline" (Healthline), and can act as a skin moisturizer.

"And finally, if you're lazy and hate using spray moisturizers and moisturizing your skin throughout the day, let your moisturizer do the work for you." concluded Dr. Idris, who advises keeping it next to your bed or desk and claims it will restore moisture to the air and make your skin smooth and supple.


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