VIDEO | Denis Jankulovski: Let's not be afraid of differences, but accept them

Denis Jankulovski - medical technician / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

"Although the coronavirus brought us many negative and unpleasant moments, on the complete opposite to me, many beautiful things happened to me and people probably recognized all of that, because everything I did was done to make it easier to get through the day. The best moments were when someone would write or call me to tell me that he had recovered."

This is how Denis Jankulovski, a medical technician, humanist and activist, explained his experience during the coronavirus for "Utrinski Pechat".

Denis has had a desire to help people since he was a child, especially people who are in vulnerable categories. Years later, he learned about people with atypical development or disabilities and immediately found himself in that world, where he could help in any way.

"Since 2018, we have officially created an association with which we show and prove in a cultural and entertaining way that inclusion is definitely possible. That's how the song "We grow together" came out, dedicated to children with atypicality," says Denis.

"We have great support from the families of children with disabilities or atypicalities, but the most important moment is the support of the parents of children with typical development, who thank us for the opportunity for our child to get to know all those atypicalities." We should not be afraid that our children will get infected or get some atypicality."

Dennis says that we adults are the ones who should act on our children in the background, we should teach them, introduce them and point out all those atypicalities and of course teach them to accept them.

"There are still petitions in schools, kindergartens to remove children who are a little more "alive". There are ways we need to approach these children, their families, and try not only to enter their world, but to have them enter ours. That is, let's find ourselves in the middle and make a beautiful world together."

In the conversation, Denis also talked about the idea of ​​making an accessible ramp on the "Shell" stage in the city park, so that the participants themselves, people in wheelchairs, could get on the stage. It is a kind of discrimination that should be resolved as soon as possible, certainly with the help of experts and authorized persons.

You can watch the entire conversation with Denis Jankulovski below:

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