VIDEO: Children are pulled out from under the ruins in Aleppo, Syria asks for help from the UN, Russian soldiers help the victims

Photo: Twitter

Incredible footage of rescue operations emerges from Syria. A child has been pulled from the rubble of his home in a village north of the city of Aleppo.

A video recording from a drone shows the terrible situation in the city of Aleppo, where citizens with shovels and other tools are trying to pull the bodies out from under the ruins.

Syria today called on the United Nations to help with rescue efforts, health services, shelters and food donations after a powerful earthquake killed thousands in Syria and Turkey.

The earthquake struck an area controlled by the Syrian government and an area controlled by the opposition, which is surrounded by government military forces and borders Turkey.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bassam Sabagh, said that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had assured him that the UN would do everything in its power to help Syria in this very difficult situation.

Sabagh said that he delivered the letter from the head of the Syrian diplomacy requesting the help to the UN Secretary General.

When asked by reporters if Syria would allow the UN to deliver aid through crossings from Turkey, Sabagh did not answer directly, but said the government was ready to help and coordinate the delivery of aid "to all Syrians in the entire territory of Syria." .

The rebel-held territory depends on aid flows from neighboring Turkey for literally everything from food to medical supplies.

In the meantime, a video appeared on social networks over which, according to the announcement, Russian soldiers are helping in the rescue operation in Aleppo, but also providing medical aid to the victims.

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