VIDEO | Dr. Mojanoski: SOC can not decide on the citizens and believers of MOC-OA

Prof. Dr. Cane Mojanoski / Photo: Free Press

In anticipation of the official position of the MOC-OA after yesterday's recognition by the Assembly of the SOC as an autonomous church, with its position in the morning briefing prof. Dr. Cane Mojanoski, former chairman of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities.

- I think it was expected that this year the Ecumenical Patriarch will respond to the request of the MOC for the operation of a special autocephalous church on the territory of Macedonia. It was expected that the Ecumenical Patriarch, in accordance with his competencies and powers, would come forward with an initiative and some solution was expected to make such a decision. The decision of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate is in the direction that the MOC is directed to the SOC to resolve the open issues. The restoration of the Ohrid Archbishopric as a local church operating on the territory of Macedonia is an important decision. From that aspect, returning to the SOC to discuss administrative issues, the first question that arises is why we left the SOC, and now we return to solve the schism imposed by the SOC. "I hope that the decision of the SOC will not be waited longer than the decision of the Ecumenical Patriarch, but in the church nothing is certain because time has a different dimension," said prof. Dr. Cane Mojanoski.

According to him, part of the decade-long problem is the national landmark of the churches.

- It is considered that the greatest resistance to the formation of the MOC came from the patriarchates who believe that the name of the church should not contain national landmarks. Here are the Athenian, then the Russian Orthodox Church. Regarding the influence of the RPC, it can be said that their influence on this group of churches that preach in the Old Slavonic language is great in the Balkans. The clash between the Moscow Church and the Church of Constantinople has intensified with the recognition of the Ukrainian Church and their differences can be especially noticed in the messages sent by the SOC, said Mojanoski.

According to him, now the MOC is in a much better position given that it has the Ecumenical Patriarchate as an ally.

- The SOC can not decide for the citizens and the believers of the MOC, prof. dr. Cane Mojanoski, one of the best experts on church issues in Macedonia.

Watch the whole conversation in the video:

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