VIDEO | Black smoke covered part of Tetovo, old tires are burning, there is no end to the ecocide

Photo: Free Press

This afternoon, a large fire broke out in the open air along the Želino-Siriqino road, in the Želino municipality. It burns a large amount of old tires. Large flames are hanging over the burned site, and black smoke is spreading across the Tetovo region.

The Tetovo firefighters are on the ground and are intervening in extinguishing the fire. Inspectors of the State Environmental Inspectorate are also on the spot.

"After receiving information from citizens, two state environmental inspectors from the Tetovo Office of the Department for Environmental Inspection - Pologi region are already on the ground. An announcement will follow after the completion of the extraordinary inspection," the Inspectorate pointed out.

There are wastes and production facilities near the fire. The police are on the scene. If it is determined that someone intentionally started the fire, they will be held criminally responsible, say the authorities.

- Today at 12:20 p.m., it was reported to SVR Tetovo that a large amount of old tires were set on fire in an open area near a factory in Želino, Tetovo. Immediately after the report, police officers from the Grupchin Police Department were sent to the spot, as well as teams from the Tetovo Territorial Fire Fighting Unit, which are intensively engaged in localizing the fire. Measures are being taken to fully clear up and document the case - who and why set the tires on fire, which is a criminal offense according to Article 218 of the Criminal Code, said the spokesperson of SVR Tetovo Marjan Josifoski

The additional deputy minister of health Maya Manoleva who visited Tetovo today, says that such occurrences can be prevented only through joint coordination and cooperation of several institutions.

- Of course, our Ministry should act in coordination with the Environment Inspectorate, we will contact the Ministry of Environment to see what we can, with our support, do together to reduce all this to a minimum." said Manoleva.

Three months ago, a big fire broke out in the sales hall and warehouse of the company "Eurocom" in Falishe, Tetovo, and destroyed both buildings.

PHOTO+VIDEO: Heavy fighting in Falishe, Tetovo, explosions from bottles ignited the fire last night, the fire has been localized, but not extinguished

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