VIDEO | A strange spiral appeared in the sky above Hawaii

Spiral over Hawaii/ Photo Twitter Printscreen

In recent days, a blue spiral has appeared in the night sky over Hawaii. Although this phenomenon resembles a scene from science fiction movies in which aliens create a kind of "space door" to reach Earth or which shows a gap between parallel universes, its cause has natural roots, that is, it is probably connected with the launch of satellites of " Space X".

Japan's National Astronomical Observatory spotted this mysterious spiral on January 18, just after SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a large military satellite. Astronomer Ichi Tanaka, who was engaged in some other research that night, didn't notice the formation of this strange shape in front of the "nose" of the Subaru telescope until someone sent him a screenshot from YouTube.

"When I unlocked my phone, I saw the video. It looks incredible," Tanaka told "The Guardian". The observatory then shared a photo of the spiral on Twitter and released a video of the spiral formation flying over the Mauna Kea volcano and then disintegrating.

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