PHOTO+VIDEO | An entire Spanish village sold for little money - as much as a larger apartment in Skopje

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The whole Spanish countryside Salto de Castro, which was put up for sale two weeks ago, was acquired by Oscar Torres of Toledo for 300.000 euros. That is, for 40.000 euros more than the asking price.


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This abandoned village consisting of 44 properties, a bar, a church, a school, a police station, a swimming pool and a sports area immediately attracted the interest of investors who offered 600.000 euros.

- We received offers from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Great Britain... we were contacted by investors from more than 20 countries in the world - said an agent from the agency that put the village on the market.

However, just days after it was put up for sale, the village was sold to a fellow resident, for about 15 percent more than the asking price. Torres, who has more than 20 years of construction experience, has the backing of a Chilean investment fund for a rural tourism project planned for an abandoned village.

Salto de Castro is located just three hours from Madrid, and was sold at a "symbolic" price due to the exodus of the population. Rural exodus in Spain in recent decades has left some 3.000 towns abandoned and many more with dwindling populations.

Unfortunately, the village needs some tidying up, as there has been no one there for over 30 years. The owner bought it with the intention of turning it into a tourist destination.

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