VIDEO | Buhova: All medical personnel should be vaccinated

Dr. Irina Buhova / Morning briefing

Dr. Irina Buhova, Director of the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate in today's morning briefing spoke about the extraordinary inspection carried out in the 18 modular hospitals in Macedonia, but also about other topics related to covid facilities.

We are constantly on the ground. We have not found anyone staying in the hospital unauthorized. For the supervision after September 8, when the accident with the fire in Tetovo happened, the discipline is far greater and the atmosphere in all hospitals has changed after this accident. says Buchova.

Covid wards have an absolute ban on visiting, reminded Dr. Buhova.

The SSO has no objections to the sanitary conditions in the modular hospitals as well as the handling of medical waste. The SSO has no competencies in terms of the construction part but only from the sanitary part.

We control the sanitary conditions of the facilities and the sanitary condition of the employees. You would not be surprised by nosocomial infections, says the doctor.

Regarding the vaccination in her institution, Dr. Buhova says that in the SSO everyone is either vaccinated or has undergone covidium and is in a period of waiting before vaccination. From the medical staff that the SSO controlled yesterday, Buhova says that most are vaccinated, but the few who do not have the authority to encourage them to do so because vaccination is not mandatory.

"My personal position is that all people employed in medical institutions should be vaccinated," Buhova told the Morning Briefing.

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