VIDEO: Bulgarian miners protest against the European law to close coal mines

Bulgarian miners and power plant workers have protested against plans to close coal plants as part of a transition to more environmentally friendly energy sources. Protesters have blocked key highways as they oppose the pro-Western government's plans for three Bulgarian coal-producing regions, industry officials said.

Protesters have blocked key highways as they oppose plans by the pro-Western government to close three Bulgarian coal mines, industry officials said.

Demonstrators are calling for a "just energy transition" for the southern and southwestern regions. They blocked the E-79 highway in southwestern Bulgaria leading to Greece and the Thrace highway to the Black Sea and Istanbul. This led to traffic jams and queues of more than a kilometer, according to local reports. The protest also blocked the Republic Pass route in the Balkan mountains, making travel to Greece and Turkey impossible again. One protester said he would go on hunger strike.


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