VIDEO | Bubo Karov revealed a story about his wife: I used her profession so that we wouldn't be photographed together

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Dear Bubo Karov he says that his wife has the most important role and is the biggest support in his career.

- My wife did not want to appear in public. Why do I say that my wife has the most important role? "My wife has never interfered in our business," Bubo Karov told Jare in the "Eden na Eden" show, which will be broadcast on Sunday on "Channel 5" from 18.30:XNUMX p.m.

Bubo told many things from the interesting history of K-15, but also about his personal life.

- If we asked her for some advice from a professional point of view, she is a lawyer, she was a deputy public prosecutor and as a deputy public prosecutor she is retiring. And we had a very good excuse, when journalists called me to do an interview, at Bubo Karov's house. I didn't like that type of interviews. I always took it out that my wife has a very specific profession. They tell her from work: "Don't appear in public too much, don't take pictures," Bubo said.

He added that the only photo of his wife that went public is of her and the dog they adopted.

- Otherwise, our others who are close to us, Branko's wife, Vasko's girlfriends, all appeared in K-15. Or my eternal wife Mimosa- Jasmina, who is the wife of our light master. It started appearing even after "we took each other". Jasmina told me when she ordered a taxi to go home from work. And when the taxi driver asked her if she was going home, he didn't ask her where she lived, I thought he was driving her to my place. And when he reported to the taxi station, the taxi driver said: "I'm going to Vlae, to take Tsatsko's wife home," Bubo told in "Eden na Eden".

On the link below, watch a short video, which will better capture the fun that awaits us with "Catsko" on Sunday.

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