VIDEO | Britney Spears worries again: She performed a dangerous dance with knives in her hands

Photo: Screenshot/Britney Spears

The American singer Britney Spears (41) worried his fans again with a new post on social media. Namely, she published two new recordings, in which she dances in her signature style, but this time with large kitchen knives in her hands.

In the videos, which she shared with her 42 million Instagram followers, she is wearing an orange blouse with white dots and a white swimsuit bottom.

"Today I started playing with knives in the kitchen. Don't worry, those aren't real knives! Halloween is coming,” she warned in the post's description.

Although she has turned off the ability to comment on the post, Britney Spears received more than 150 thousand likes from her fans for this dangerous dance.

As a reminder, Britney Spears' long-awaited memoir, The Woman in Me, will be released on October 24. The announcement for this biographical book states that it is a "brave and incredibly moving story of freedom, glory, motherhood, survival, faith and hope."

Also, the singer is current in the media because of her divorce from the 29-year-old Sam Asgari, with whom he was married for a year, and they started their relationship in 2016.

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