VIDEO: Well done Marko, the crossing of the Struga-St. Naum!

Marko Pejchinovski's fourth completed swim/Photo: facebook/Marko Pejchinovski

The young marathon swimmer Marko Pejcinovski once again delighted the Macedonian sports public, this time on the holiday of the great saint and miracle worker St. Naum.

Today, he completed his fourth distance swim this summer Struga – St. Naum (30 kilometers). He managed to complete the swim (first in July) with a time of nine hours and 26 minutes.

Seven days ago, for the third time in June, he swam across Lake Ohrid, on the section from Radožda to Trpejca.

This summer, Marko plans to swim 10 different sections, with a total length of about 250 kilometers.

The second swim in June was from Radožda to Gradište (18 km) with a time of six hours and 40 minutes, and the first was on the route Radožda - Ohrid (14 km) with a time of five hours and 25 minutes.

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