VIDEO: Boban Ilioski will fight for the title of world champion in kick-boxing

Photo: urkourko/instagram

The best Macedonian kickboxer Boban Ilioski will fight for the title of professional WAKO world champion in K1. In the category up to 88,6 kilograms Ilioski on April 26 at the event "WAKO Pro Arena Fight Nights"will compete against the world VAKO champion, Berk Dusenly from Turkey.

This event, organized by the Kickboxing Maitai Federation of Macedonia, will be held at the Sports Center "Jane Sandanski" in Skopje, and the fights will start at 19.00:XNUMX.

You can buy tickets for this event, which promises a lot of adrenaline, a professional scene and an unforgettable atmosphere, at the ticket office and online at

Also, our three-time world and European champion Dimitar Gjorgjiev will perform at one of the matches, who on this occasion will perform as a preliminary to the main professional WAKO PRO match.

In addition to these two fights, at the same event there will be seven other matches in men's and women's competition, in which attractive fighters from our country and their opponents who are current champions from the official VAKO championships will take part.

In the continuation of the video, watch the announcement of the fight between Ilioski and Duzenli:

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