VIDEO | Jared Leto's bizarre feat: He climbed a hotel wall in slippers

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

Jared Leto risked serious injury on Tuesday while tried to climb a wall outside his hotel in Berlin without any protection and wearing slippers.

For reasons known only to the Oscar winner and musician, he attempted to climb the wall of the Rome Hotel in blue slippers, which are quite slippery and unsafe for wall climbing, writes "Daily Mail" (Dailymail).

Risking a fall on the concrete pavement, 51-year-old Leto managed to climb above the first floor window of a 19th century hotel in rather unconventional footwear before descending on Berlin's Bebelplatz.

The eccentric 30 Seconds to Mars frontman pulled off a similar feat outside the same hotel in June, when he drew a crowd as he boarded.

A few days later, Leto repeated the risky climb during a trip to Paris, where he was seen scaling the concrete wall of a building in the French capital.
Leto drew a slightly larger audience for his latest feat, but his motivation remains unclear. It is believed that the stunts are part of his preparations for a new film role or music video.

Leto is known for his love of rock climbing and once revealed that he almost fell from nearly 200 meters while climbing Red Rock in Nevada when his safety rope started to snap.

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