VIDEO: "Without farmers, no food", hundreds of tractors in front of the Parliament in Athens

Photo: Twitter

Greek farmers from several parts of Greece arrived in Athens with about 150 tractors and have been parked in front of the Greek Parliament since this afternoon, in anticipation of the scheduled protest, the MIA correspondent from Athens reported.

With the slogans "Without farmers, no food", "Today is the funeral of animal husbandry" attached to the banners of the tractors, but also black flags, together with the Greek ones, the farmers gathered in the Syntagma square to repeat once again that they will not give up their demands .

In a conversation with MIA's correspondent from Athens, they explain that they are asking the government for even lower electricity prices, but also for agricultural oil to be exempt from tax.

The most affected are farmers from the area of ​​Thessaly, which was flooded by storm "Daniel" last September.

- All of us who are young farmers cannot survive after the floods. Our fields have been destroyed. The government does not help us, it even takes what is due to us, young Apostolis from the city of Karditsa, who arrived in Athens with his tractor, told MIA.

The farmers' protest is scheduled for 18.30:XNUMX p.m. local time, and they will receive support from unions, various associations, and students.

It is expected that after the protest, the tractors will remain parked in the center of Athens during the evening, and the farmers will leave tomorrow morning.

Regarding the next activities, the farmers say that after today's protest they will further determine the next steps.

The attitude of the Greek Government is that there are no financial possibilities for additional assistance to farmers.

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