VIDEO: Trees were cut in the City Park in Skopje this morning without notice

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This morning, teams of PE "Parks and Greenery" were cutting trees in the City Park in Skopje, without prior notice from the City of Skopje.

- The city of Skopje, under whose authority the enterprise is, had not published any announcement that trees would be cut, so the question arises "Who and why is making a massacre of healthy trees this morning in the City Park?", writes the portal 24info.

According to the decision issued by the Mayor of Skopje from 28.04/XNUMX of this year, only one tree (sycamore) is planned to be felled, which has been determined to be completely burnt and there is a danger of it falling and causing material or other damage. This assessment was given by experts from the City of Skopje together with colleagues from PE "Parks and Greenery" after the inspection. This solution stipulates that a new seedling should be planted on the same plot where the tree was removed.

Social media posts indicate that at least 2 trees have been cut down at this City Park location.



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