VIDEO | He was on the verge of death, and then he met her: Macaulay Culkin publicly thanked his partner

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

In a ceremony on December 1, 2023, McCauley Culkin received his star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also appeared at the award Catherine O'Hara who played the mother of the famous Kevin from the comedy "Home Alone".

The actor gave an emotional speech during which he expressed special gratitude to his partner. He introduced his fiancee Brenda Song, whom he has been dating for about 5 years, and their son Dakota, who is only two years old and already looks remarkably like his father.

Their second son, Carson, whose birth was announced in March of this year, was also in the audience.

He paid tribute to fiancee Brenda Song during the Walk of Fame ceremony by saying:

“You're not just the best woman I've ever met, you're the best person I've ever met. You gave me a purpose, you gave me a family, and with our two boys, you became my three favorite people. I love you too, I love you so much."

By the way, the Home Alone franchise was and still is a beloved global sensation, and families around the world love to watch it, especially this time of year.

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