VIDEO: Bekim Asani opens up about his private life and the support he offers to the young LGBTI community

Bekim Asani, rights activist of the LGBTI community/Photo: Free Press

Sexual orientation and gender identity they have always been taboo topics in which we have faced but avoided, we have found each other, but they were lurking…

"A person is never aware of how strong he can be, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how impossible it keep fighting," says Bekim Asani, a prominent activist.

Precisely because of that, towards the prism of LGBTI activist Bekim Asani we reflect his personal experience in private life through activism, confronting social problems, prejudices, traumas towards the community as well as his mission of motivating new generations for free expression and unhindered life of LGBTI members in the Republic of North Macedonia.

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