VIDEO | Barbie and Oppenheimer Meet: Margot Robbie Reveals Details to Cillian Murphy About Movie Premiere

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The "Barbenheimer" phenomenon was one of the most important moments in the film industry for 2023. The two actors Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie they finally met and were interviewed as part of the magazine's latest issue "Variety" .

Killian and Margot, who played the main characters in their blockbuster films Barbie and Oppenheimer, discussed their filmmaking this summer, which grew into the "Barbenheimer" phenomenon.

Margo revealed during a conversation with Killian that the producer of "Oppenheimer" tried to convince her to move the premiere date of "Barbie".

Namely, on July 21, both films were premiered in cinemas, and many did not like that idea.

“One of your producers, Chuck Rowen, called me because we were working together on some other projects. . I said, '… If you're afraid of being against us, then you'll move your date,' and he said, '… I think you'd better move it,'” Margo recounted.

However, Margo thought that the double premiere was a good idea and that there was no need to move the dates.

"That was a good instinct," Killian told her.

In the end they agreed that the decision was right and that the public liked both films. Killian added that the success of both films ultimately always depends on the public.

In the long conversation, the actors also talked about the cooperation with their directors and the preparation for their roles, and Margot admitted that it was difficult to get into the role of the popular doll at first.

Otherwise, the film "Oppenheimer" recently surpassed $950 million in earnings, while "Barbie" became the highest-grossing film of 2023 with more than $1,44 billion worldwide.

Watch the video with the entire interview below:

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