VIDEO: Bandits with axes and hammers rob a jewelry store in England in broad daylight and escape in a jeep

Photo: "Daily Mail" / printscreen

A dramatic video of an armed robbery that took place yesterday around noon in a jewelry store in the English city of Leeds, has been published by the British media. In the video, masked bandits can be seen, who, in front of the eyes of many passers-by, break the window of the jewelry store with axes and hammers, fill the bags, after which they calmly enter a black Mercedes jeep and leave, but stop shortly afterwards, and the fourth a gang member runs towards the vehicle.

After the robbery, the robbers tried to hide their tracks, leaving the jeep and entering the Porsche. But the police followed them all the time from a helicopter. They soon collided with the car, after which they continued to flee on foot, transmits The Daily Mail.

"A black SUV was found abandoned, while a silver Porsche 911 was also found abandoned after being involved in a collision on Whitehall Road in Leeds. Both vehicles are believed to be stolen. "Two men have been arrested and are currently in custody," West Yorkshire Police said.

An eyewitness revealed details of the police chase.

"The robbers split into two groups and switched cars, but the helicopter had already taken off. The silver Porsche crashed in front of my company, the driver ran away, but he was soon caught," he told the media.

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