VIDEO: An Afghan woman was imprisoned and tortured for 25 years in a room in Kabul and was strangled to eat through the window, the police rescued her

Photo: Twitter

The Taliban police rescued a woman who was locked in a dark room in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, for 25 years, the Ministry of Interior announced today.

According to disturbing photos released by the ministry, the woman was kept in a room full of broken objects and garbage, and food was added to her through a window.

"She feels insecure and scared when she sees other people," said ministry spokesman Abdul Mateen Khani, describing her plight.

The woman is hospitalized in Kabul after suffering mental and physical injuries.

"Malnourished, she also has severe anemia," said a hospital doctor.

Her bones are worn away and her joints are damaged, doctors say.

The police added that the woman suffered for years, after the separation from her first husband, and then they had additional problems, including infertility, punishments from her brothers, as well as an inheritance dispute.

Police arrested four members of her family, including her brother and nephews, and later said the case was under investigation.

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