VIDEO | Arianit Hoxha: We are record holders in subsidizing agriculture

Arianit Hoxha Minister of Agriculture and Forestry / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

"Agriculture is one of the most important branches in the country and that is why every year we allocate 160 million euros to support it," said Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Arianit Hoxha in an interview with "Free Press".

Regarding the dissatisfaction expressed by the rice producers for the last time in a row, Minister Hoxha said that he would soon invite the rice growers to talk together with the Agriculture Inspectorate to determine where the problem is and whether those demands are part of the current situation in the field of rice production. intervention is needed and what kind.

- As a ministry, we are absolutely open to every need that farmers have, but only with an accurate analysis of what. Fixed price requirements are unrealistic because the state cannot determine the price of products that are marketable. As for the fact that their barns are full, it is probably because they were waiting for a better market price, Hoxha thinks.

The trend in the future will be to make developing agricultural holdings as economic branches and to increase the export of agricultural products.

But why does the state subsidize all agricultural products with money of all citizens and do we get cheaper agricultural products on our tables, which are export-oriented products and do farmers expect the Government to open new markets for these and other issues from the interview with the Minister Arianit Hoxha.

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