VIDEO POLL: Are citizens prepared for a new wave of covid?

Survey Agnesa Chavoli about Covid

The World Health Organization registered 1,4 million new infections from Covid-19 during July and August – 80 percent more than the previous month. Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again, along with variants of the coronavirus. The degree is lower than before, but the latest figures from the clinics show that every day there are more and more patients.

"Free Press " asked the citizens of Skopje if they were informed about the new variation of Covid-19 and if they should protect themselves with masks? Citizens have divided opinions, some know about the new variant, others are not informed at all.

"As I see, people have a fever, they complain of cold, but surely the covid has returned. We also see that the numbers from the Institute of Public Health, last week, about 150 were infected from the entire territory of North Macedonia," said a passerby to Sloboden Pechat.

A large part of the citizens were not informed about the new wave, some of the respondents were infected by covid, others lost loved ones....

"I don't know, my child died of Covid. He died with the last wave, there was no vaccine yet" says the broken mother...



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