VIDEO POLL: Citizens for the OSCE summit - for some it is a big event, for others pure populism

OSCE Summit Poll/Photo: Prinskryn

Several traffic roads in Skopje will be closed from today due to the OSCE Ministerial Council that will be held at the "Boris Trajkovski" Sports and Recreational Center. "Sloboden Pechat" asked the citizens what they expect from the upcoming summit and if the closed streets bother them?

In general, there are divided opinions. For some this is an event that happens once, for others it is pure populism before elections.

- Just spending money, nothing else. We will not have any benefit. I'm in a car and I can't go where I need to go - says a resident of Skopje.

Another explains that Macedonia will not experience such an event for the second time.

- There can be no greater benefit than hosting the OSCE. Blocked streets don't bother us, so when a Prime Minister or a minister passes by, they block them, we will last two days - says the citizen.

Another simply has no opinion about the summit.

- I honestly don't know what the OSCE summit means. I don't mind blocked streets at all. Although I don't live here, Skopje is a beautiful city to walk around. It is unreal why people use public transport, I have not seen better infrastructure than Skopje, even though I have walked a lot - says one gentleman.

Another explains that the OSCE summit is a big deal, and thinks that Macedonia will benefit from the event. He doesn't mind the blocked streets because he says that everything is well organized.

- There must be security in all of Europe. There is no obstacle with the blocked streets, large delegations are coming and it has to be like that, we have to be patient - he says.

For another, the whole organization is negative.

- The world is falling apart, this is some kind of farce. We at home cannot fix our affairs, the whole country is on strike. We don't need this, we need money. I don't know why they block the streets, it's a stupid thing. This is just populism before elections. Everything is turned upside down - he says."

See the entire survey of our colleague Stefan Krsteski below:


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