VIDEO | Anima Mundi: One walks around with a gun and shoots animals, another drags a dog tied to a car, until when will every bully feel comfortable?

Photo: Printscree, Anima Mundi

In Shtip, in the middle of the day, in a populated area, an adult man walks with a weapon, aims and shoots animals to maim and kill them, seriously injuring his neighbors' cat. Residents of the neighborhood, terrified for their safety, but also for the safety of their pets, released a short video of this person, who casually and without the least bit of fear, shot whatever came to his mind, breaking the strictest law. On the same day, in Vinica, a driver with a car with registration plate VI 8923 AB is dragging a tied dog, which has no option but to run without stopping, otherwise it risks being strangled, the Animal Protection Association "Anima Mundi" reacts and asks Until when every thug and sociopath will feel comfortable shooting animals, knowing that he will not be held accountable for the crime? Or is violence against animals a deviation, or will we recognize it only when it escalates against people?

- In broad daylight, a serious danger was caused to the public and animals were tortured and killed, which are criminal acts that require immediate action by the authorities and the most severe punishment for the perpetrator, the statement added.

The Association informs that several people tried to report to the police, but the police did not want to receive and record such a report

- It is precisely the non-action of officials that means abuse of duty and gives the perpetrators an incentive to continue to torture, kill and go unpunished.
These are just some of the happenings that are our everyday life and which, unfortunately, only shared publicly like this can result in a solution. We call on the institutions to immediately start serious investigations, to punish the perpetrators the most severely, because, as they say, such individuals are a threat to the safety and life of every being, whether animal or human!

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