VIDEO | Angelovski: We will demand increased sanctions for drivers who kill people on the streets

Toni Angelovski, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior / Morning briefing

We are working on amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety in coordination with the Ministry of Justice and other institutions. We will ask for increased sanctions for these traffic violations in which there are victims, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Toni Angelovski.

- There will also be sanctions for those offenses that are committed intentionally for abuse of social networks. We are now making changes to the laws we are proposing and appealing to MPs to support them in order to increase the penalties for these violations. "I appeal to the courts to have stricter punishments for people who kill on the roads," Angelovski said.

Regarding the severe traffic accident at City Mall last night in which a young girl died, Angelovski confirmed that the perpetrator of the accident has been detained.

- The Ministry of Interior is taking all necessary measures. The perpetrator of the serious traffic accident was detained in a police station and with an appropriate criminal charge will be handed over to the prosecution. The public prosecutor from the Skopje Public Prosecutor's Office is in charge of the investigation. We follow his directions, blood and urine are taken from the driver and handed over for examination. Also, recordings were taken from the surrounding cameras in order to clear up the case and handed over to the prosecution for further action, informed Angelovski.

He calls for greater responsibility in traffic.

- We must all contribute to traffic safety. You are witnesses that we are constantly taking to the streets and acting to sanction criminals who unfortunately take lives. We imposed over 240 thousand sanctions last year, of which more than 100 thousand were imposed for speeding, and this is a huge excess of the speed limit. There were situations when drivers drove at 300 km per hour, which is abnormal, we do not have roads for such speed, says the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior.

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